I am a Entrepreneur, Writer, and Social Media Enthusiast that is passionate about helping business owners achieve their goals.

I founded Tier Level which is a Consulting Platform for Disaster Restoration Companies to help implement well defined business development teams. In December of 2015, I expanded Tier Level to a full service Social Media Agency. In late 2015 I also started LevelUp.Business, a podcast that focuses on Business, Marketing, Sales and more.

Over the years I have had the honor to help many Restoration Companies grow and achieve their financial goals.

Specialities Include:
★ Facebook Training
★ Twitter Training
★ LinkedIn Training
★ Social Media Consulting
★ Business Development Consulting
★ Management Training

If you don't believe me, below is a couple people who will vouch for me.

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"Sean knows his stuff. He cares about his clients and associates deeply. He is also a hard worker who achieves results."

Clayton A. Barry
Author, Motivator & Active at 3 SERVPRO Franchises

"Sean's Ph.D. level knowledge of sales, marketing and social media, coupled with his practical experience and success in sales and sales management make him an excellent candidate for any sales and marketing management position. I have personally benefited directly from his work, and I can confidently proclaim that this man will improve the marketing performance/sales effecitveness of any organization he is involved with."

Michael Baxter
Director of Customer Succeess at Harben Marketing

"Sean's communication skills are incredible. His ability to relate both on a professional and personal level with clients is impeccable. Sean's continued research has proved valuable to his employers time and time again, as he is always on the forefront of new marketing trends and strategies. He is an innovative and independent worker and has successfully built programs from the ground up."

Rebecca Cicione
Digital Marketing Manager at Media Whisper

"I highly recommend Sean, he is full of enthusiasm and has a great work ethic. He does go the extra mile every day! He is a great trainer and consultant."

John Goodwin
Franchise Business Consultant SERVPRO Industries


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